Michigan State
#2 Gonzaga
6:30 pm, November 11
Florida Atlantic
Ole Miss
7:00 pm, November 11
West Virginia
7:00 pm, November 11
South Carolina
7:00 pm, November 11
7:30 pm, November 11
#20 Alabama
8:00 pm, November 11
Wake Forest
8:30 pm, November 11
San Diego State
10:30 pm, November 11
Washington St
Boise State
7:00 pm, November 12
#11 Tennessee
2:00 pm, November 13

2021 NCAA Tournament Picks, Upset Specials, Bracket

First Four

16) Texas Southern over 16) Mount St. Mary’s
11) Wichita State over 11) Drake
16) Appalachian State over 16) Norfolk State
11) Michigan State over 11) UCLA

As these are not included in most bracket picking pools I’ll be brief. In the 16 vs 16 games, I will ride with the raw talent of Texas Southern and Appalachian State. In the headline games between the at-large teams, I’m rolling with Tom Izzo in March, and against the team whose best player will be playing his first game back from a broken foot against the AAC regular season champs.

The Bracket

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